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Enrolment and Fee Information

Now Enrolling…

We are currently accepting enrolment applications for :

  • Year 7 2023 (initial offers have been made to Priority Feeder School applicants)
  •  2024 onwards
  • Limited remaining places for all year groups for 2022 (where available)
Enrolment Principles
As part of Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB), we are an inclusive and evangelising community. We welcome every family who would like a Catholic education for their children and strive to respond to the needs of all students, within the constraints of our available resources. We believe all students should have access to our schools which offer educational opportunities that nurture the Catholic faith, expand life choices, cater for the disadvantaged, and challenge all students to reach their full potential.

Read the CSBB Enrolment Principles here (updated April 2021).

When to Apply
Year 7 Entry

Starting high school is such an exciting time, and we are excited that you are considering St Leo’s for your daughter or son.
We are currently accepting final enrolments for Year 7 2023 and applications for 2024 and beyond.

Generally, applications for enrolment into Year 7 should be submitted by August 1 each year for students currently in Year 5, however we will accept applications after this date if places are available.

We recommend interested families apply as soon as possible as demand for places is increasing each year and we are now receiving applications up to and including 2030. Please contact us if you have any specific queries regarding enrolment.

Year 11 Entry

Applications for Year 11 are encouraged as soon as possible to allow for subject selections to be taken into account during Terms 2-3. Support is available from our Careers and Pathways Advisers if required for subjects best suited to meet the goals of each learner.

Entry into other year groups 

We are happy to accept applications at any time for any year group and will do our best to accommodate requests and special circumstances, however please note that we have very limited vacancies and waiting lists now apply for most year groups. Please contact us to enquire about current availability.

St Leo’s Priority Feeder Schools Program

If you are coming from a Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) primary school, you may be eligible for priority entry to St Leo’s and a range of other benefits as part of this program. Find out more…

How to Apply

To enrol or find out more about vacancies at St Leo’s, please complete this short form and we will be in touch!
Note, as of April 2021, St Leo’s no longer charges application, enrolment or acceptance fees.

Enquire or apply for enrolment
College Fees
Our Schedule of Fees comprises of an Education Fee, Supplementary Program Fees for Camps/Retreats and the College Annual. Sibling discounts will apply to the Education Fee only. These discounts provide a 20% reduction for the second child, 50% for the third child and 100% for fourth and subsequent children. Sibling discounts are applicable across systemic secondary and primary schools within the Diocese of Broken Bay.

For 2021 only, Pandemic support will be offered to all families by way of an additional 5% sibling discount on the Education Fee for the second and third child (from 20% to 25% for the second child and from 50% to 55% for the third child). The fourth child will receive 100% discount on the Education Fee.

St Leo's Schedule of Fees 2021
Billing and Payment

School fees are billed annually at the beginning of Term 1 and are due in 10 monthly instalments.  The first instalment is due on the 21 February and the last payment date 21 November. Our preferred method of payment for fees is BPay. Fees can also be paid by EFTPOS at the College and credit card.

Queries and Further Information

Please direct any Enrolment Enquiries to the Acting Registrar, Mrs Joanna Gower, via the College Reception.
Please direct any Fee Enquiries to the Bursar,  Mrs Annette Stanton, via the College Reception.

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