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St Leo’s is an award winning school acknowledged for teaching excellence. We provide an engaging and challenging environment to learn, with a focus on promoting student growth. Underpinned by the Catholic Schools Broken Bay ‘Towards 2025’ vision, the goal of St Leo’s Catholic College is to establish a positive culture of learning that enables each child to achieve their best.

Students are taught to think critically, apply knowledge to new situations and develop skills needed to become lifelong learners able to adapt and thrive in our ever-changing world.

Our teaching and learning focus provides staff with the ability to guide student learning through meaningful feedback which enables them to achieve learning growth.

Our dedicated staff bring a diverse range of experience and expertise to foster the individual growth of each student. We know that relationships are imperative to a student’s experience with learning and school.

We offer a wide-ranging curriculum and extra-curricular program to ensure all students can find their best at the College.

Our St Leo’s Growth Domains

At St Leo’s, we are passionate about the holistic development of your child. We focus on developing the whole person by ensuring a balanced, diverse experience and development of our students across a range of areas we call our St Leo’s Growth Domains, covering the following aspects of every student –

  • Spiritual
  • Academic
  • Cultural
  • Environmental
  • Social/Emotional, and
  • Physical

All learning opportunities at St Leo’s flow through and are formed within these Growth Domains. You will find the six Growth Domains reflected in all aspects of College life and highlighted all around our campus.

Our Growth Domains ensure that when our students leave the College, we have holistically prepared them to be the very change they wish to be in the world.

Teaching and Learning Programs

While our academic results are consistently strong, we embrace a diversity of student capabilities and provide academic challenges and support for different learning styles, rates and abilities including:

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects
  • Learning Diversity/Support, and
  • our unique Community Tutoring Program (outside of Covid restrictions)
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